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Poway Plumbers provides plumbing and drain cleaning services in Poway Ca. Call today for your free quote.

When you call Poway Plumbers during business hours, a Plumber will answer the phone. Not an answering service or dispatch center telling you that they don’t know anything and can only send a technician out.

We actually talk with you regarding your plumbing and drain needs and we do our best to provide a ball park estimate on what it should take to do the job. Then we set up an appointment to have a technician perform the work. We can usually show up that day. Or we set up appointments for the following day or when it is more convenient for us both.

Our Customers

One of the many reasons why Poway Plumbers cares so much about our customers is because we want the repeat business and the referrals for new customers. Our business depends on this as we have decided to stop advertising in the yellow pages phone book 7 years ago based on the enormous advertising costs and ineffective results. When we pay less for advertising, that allows us to charge you less.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing fixtures, Pop up install, Dishwasher hook up, Sink installs, Shower Cartridges, Kitchen faucet Replacement, Hose bib – Spigot, Pressure regulators – Reducers, Toilet installation, Repair leaks, Valves & risers, Garbage disposal, Line leak detection, Camera & locate Sewer Line, Ball valves, Flush & Fill Valves, Water heater, Recirculating pumps, Valve stems, Trap repair and rebuild.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning – Snaking is the 1st option and usually solves the problem by restoring flow. However, for those stubborn drains it is sometimes necessary to hydro jet your drains clean and clear and is usually done if there is a high amount of grease or sludge in your drain lines. Hydro Jetting is true Drain Cleaning. Other times we may need to add acid. Other drain chemicals could be recommended. Most often we snake and add de greaser and your drains are good to go.

Sometimes when there is no clean-out or the clean-outs are not accessible. In these cases, Poway Plumbers must snake from the roof – down the vent stack is necessary. It’s called “Vent Stack Snaking” and is usually done for mainlines. However, kitchen and laundry lines are snaked this way often enough. All drain configurations and problems are different and require different answers to solve that particular problem.  There is no exact science here.

Poway Plumbers is knowledge to many other plumbing and drain companies in Poway, so if you require work that we can’t get to or do not specialize in such as remodels, re-pipes, re-route, slab leaks, etc… we will refer you to them. This should help guarantee that you’ll receive help from an experienced professional whom offers quality work and reasonable rates as well.   Call Poway Plumbers today !



[schema type=”review” url=”http://www.poway-plumbers.com/poway-plumbers/” name=”Poway Plumbers” description=”Mari Chase describes why she likes Poway Plumbers & Drains” rev_name=”Plumber” rev_body=”Poway Plumbers & Drain Services installed our new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal at a very fair price they also snaked our bathtub drain they were very knowledgeable as well as polite. If ever we need a plumber again, we wont hesitate in calling them back. We already referred them on to other family members and friends and already report they received excellent service.” author=”Charles Jones” pubdate=”2014-07-03″ user_review=”100″ ]